Often when clients are looking to have a simple website made, I’ll advise them to use WordPress. Then, I’ll modify the theme to look how they want it, install some plugins to allow them greater control, and teach them how they can make basic updates themselves.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is primarily a blogging platform, but it can also be used to build non-blog websites. In recent years, WordPress has taken off as the go-to framework for small websites for its ease of use, search engine optimization, and reliability. It is mainly used for informational websites where the functions are limited to writing comments, running calculations, and displaying text/images. When it gets more complicated than that, I usually recommend a custom program.

How does it work?

The first step is installation; about half of my clients have me do that for them. It’s not very hard even for a beginner, but there are some details that they usually don’t understand. If you’re completely new to web-building and aren’t looking, you should have someone else install it for you.

After it’s installed, you can add content. WordPress makes this very easy; it’s mostly like writing an email.

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