Speed Optimization

I can enhance speed on WordPress and custom websites using a mix of code-changes and plugins. Generally, speed optimization is just a matter of taking an inefficient website and making it more efficient.

Generally, I use this program to diagnose site inefficiencies: Google Pagespeed Insights. Because it’s from Google, we can be sure that the improvements will go far in improving your site’s ranking on Google searches.

The first question I’m often asked is “when you speed up a site, what do you actually do?” The answer is: whatever your site needs. Some websites are slow because they have lots of images, and on those I will focus  on optimizing images. Some websites are slow because of settings that need altered. And at other times, I determine a website isn’t inefficient at all, but there’s just too much on the page and we’ll have to cut something out. My services are geared towards your individual setup and needs.