About Me

My name is Connor Penrod, and I’ve been a webdesigner/programmer for about nine years. I provide my clients with technical expertise and advise them on behind-the-scenes details. I do contract work building and modifying websites, custom programs, databases, and calculators.

I started dabbling with websites at a young age. In senior year of high-school, I began a career as a professional freelancer on a network called Elance. In 2015, Elance went away and the clients were moved to Upwork. Since Upwork hasn’t worked as well as Elance used to, I now run primarily through this website, with Upwork and Guru as my secondary clientele sources.

What Do I offer?

My specialty is speed optimization. However, I have a diverse skillset that includes calculators, custom programs, and informational websites. Essentially, my clients give me a design and tell me how they want it to work, and I can make it happen.

Below are my profiles on various freelance websites. You can find reviews from previous jobs by clicking any of the below:



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